family-tree_final_72pxWe are a genealogical exchange database dedicated to providing a platform for genealogists around the world to share their research among themselves.  We aim to be an all-inclusive research center, as such we are presently indexing sites of genealogical and family value on the web.  We are also enthusiastic about the enrichment of our research archives. We have added resources which we believe will be of great benefit to you.

They say data freely given should be freely shared. It is, therefore, our policy to freely share our results with you, once the costs for that data allows us to share it with you for free. When saying so, our archives are entirely free to use.

There are thousands of genealogy websites on the web. Unfortunately, many of them do not have an extensive database or is even worthwhile checking. Let’s face it: We know the Internet is full of junk. However, amidst the myriad fluff and useless dribble, are excellent sites with priceless gems of information. GenExchage is one such site. Our researchers love coming to us because our database is extensive, and what we don’t have we make it possible for others to share. Our website has access to over a billion names in other databases around the world.

We are dedicated to advancing genealogical research as we believe it is a person’s right to know his or her history. We do not believe in selling our databases, and will never do so. We only ask for a small membership fee, which goes towards upgrading and maintaining our databases.

Our policy is to keep each submitter’s database in separate files within the archive to enable convenient updates. We also provide speedy turn-around in making your database available to the public.